A bit about me.

As an artist I am always hungry for variety and excellence.  I consider myself a versatile singer, just as at home singing Nessun Dorma with an orchestra as I am singing Uptown Funk with a wedding band.  

I have spent the last four years serving and singing with the United States Army Chorus here in our nations capital, singing for presidents, foreign dignitaries and our nations military leaders.  In April 2020 I will be leaving the army to pursue a full time performance career of concert work and musical theater.  


As an artist, I would not be complete without writing and composition.  I have been writing songs since the age of thirteen, but more recently have taken to the craft of songwriting, striving to become a more prolific writer.  To further myself as an artist, I am extremely fortunate to be an Artist in Residence at the Strathmore Music Center.  I am honored to join the class of 2020 and to be challenged and encouraged to push my boundaries as an artist and as a performer.  


Thank you for visiting my website and for joining me on this journey.