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Private Studio 


While I am a classically trained singer, I am always singing in other vocals styles for a living.  As a result, my approach to vocal instruction is rooted in establishing healthy vocal technique in all styles of singing. I cater to the students needs and goals in terms of stylistic vocal choices and repertoire selection, whether in Opera, Musical Theater, Pop or Jazz.

At all ages and levels a voice lesson with me will focus on things like breath, posture, space and resonance, vowel choices and modification, vocal range, vocal agility, and how to make stylistically appropriate vocal choices. 


Before I was a singer, I was a pianist and studied for years in classical repertoire.  I also have years of contemporary piano experience playing pop and original music solo and with a full band.  I accept beginner to late intermediate/early advanced students.


For students who are interested in classical piano, the focus is on establishing, maintaining and advancing fundamentals of reading, theory and playing technique, as well as building a diverse repertoire, depending upon the student's goals.  

For contemporary piano students, the focus will be on learning to read lead sheets/chord symbols, and learning to accompany, improvise and compose. 


My goal in providing songwriting lessons is to provide guidelines, examples, inspiration and mentorship to songwriters who are just beginning or who are wanting to get back into a more regular practiceEvery person has a unique voice to share and my hope is that I can help lift that voice up.  

In songwriting lessons, we talk about a range of topics depending on the students needs and experience. Anything from song form, lyrics, melody and chords, to arranging and recording.  I also cover ways of stay consistent in the practice of songwriting and tips and tricks to get unstuck and re-inspired. 

Performance Coaching

As an actor and stage performer, I understand the importance of having someone to help you shape your performance to be the best that it can be.  

I am excited to offer acting and musical performance coaching to middle/high school and college age performers who want to take their performing to the next level for an audition, competition or upcoming performance. 

In a coaching session with me, we'll work on building a clear, strong character, making effective and powerful acting choices and being aware and grounded in the body.  Depending on the student, we may also work on vocal technique and stylistic choices that can lead to a stronger performance. 

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